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Fixed-term Contracts Of Employment – Consequences For Employers

Fixed-term Contracts of Employment – Consequences for Employers

Many employers enter into fixed-term contracts with employees for the…

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Do SA Labour Laws Apply To Foreign Nationals?

Do SA labour laws apply to foreign nationals?

The recent raids on businesses employing illegal foreign nationals in…

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Refused Promotion Of An Employee

Refused promotion of an employee

The Labour Relations Act (LRA) allows employees who have been…

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When Is The Dismissal Of An Employee Substantively Fair?

When is the dismissal of an employee substantively fair?

It often happens that an employer wants to dismiss an…

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Reference Checks – Part 2: Legalities And Effectiveness

Reference Checks – Part 2: Legalities and Effectiveness

In Part 1 we addressed the problems with reference checks,…

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Reference Checks – Part 1

Reference checks – Part 1

Most employers, if not all, conduct reference checks on potential…

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