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Dismissal Of Senior Employee

Dismissal of Senior Employee

  8 Legal requirements an employer must follow to dismiss…

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Can An Employer Retrench A Fix-term Employee?

Can an employer retrench a fix-term employee?

Employers have the right to retrench employees. However, it is…

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Dealing With Out-of-office Misconduct

Dealing with out-of-office misconduct

Can an employer dismiss an employee for out-of-office misconduct? Is…

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Dismissed Employee Returns

Dismissed employee returns

Employee turns up for work after being dismissed for abscondment…

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Employees Refusing To Work Overtime

Employees refusing to work overtime

On many occassions employers require employees to work overtime due…

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Procedures For Dealing With Absconding Employees

Procedures for dealing with absconding employees

An employee doesn’t show up for work for three weeks…

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