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Myths Around Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Myths around sexual harassment in the workplace

Our previous article talked about sexual harassment at year-end office…

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Christmas Party / Year-end Season And Sexual Harassment Claims

Christmas party / year-end season and sexual harassment claims

It’s that time of the season – year-end parties are…

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Entitlement To Accrued Annual Leave On Termination Of Employment – Court Judgement

Entitlement to Accrued Annual Leave on Termination of Employment – Court Judgement

Is an employer bound by its own changes to its…

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What Are Employers’ Rights Regarding Cannabis (dagga) In The Workplace?

What are employers’ rights regarding cannabis (dagga) in the workplace?

The ban on private possession, consumption and private cultivation of…

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Can An Employee Resign And Then A Week Or So Later Withdraw The Resignation?

Can an employee resign and then a week or so later withdraw the resignation?

As a general principle an employee cannot retract his or…

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Dismissal Of An Employee Who Makes Racist Comments

Dismissal of an employee who makes racist comments

In recent times, racist comments have featured prominently in local…

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