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Jailed Employees Still Have Rights

Jailed employees still have rights

It seems obvious to employers that, if an employee is…

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Smoking Cannabis (dagga) At Home And Reporting For Work

Smoking cannabis (dagga) at home and reporting for work

Since the Constitutional Court declared the private use of cannabis…

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Jail Time For Lying On Your CV

Jail time for lying on your CV

In recent times we have read a lot in the…

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Poaching Former Colleagues Could Be Costly

Poaching former colleagues could be costly

A recent court case proved it may be worthwhile for…

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Absenteeism And The Law

Absenteeism and the Law

Many employers experience problems with employees being absent from work.…

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Can An Employee Resign By E-mail Or SMS?

Can an employee resign by e-mail or SMS?

Can an employee resign from a job by email where…

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